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5 May 2016

Celebrating 30 Years

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Lessons Hydra River Guides Has Learned from 30 Years on the Kicking Horse River
Golden Rafting

Hydra River Guides has experienced the ups and downs of the economy in our 30 years of business. It takes a company that's committed to adaptation and the ability to satisfy customers to remain profitable and successful for so long. Our 30th anniversary has made us reflect on some important things our company has learned through the years.

Lessons Hydra Has Learned About Customer Service

Hydra discovered early on that the top priority for any business has to be customer service. We knew we had to get that right. All of the success our business has experienced is because of our dedication to this principle. We believe that we need to be passionate about the experiences we have to offer our customers. Our company also recognizes that empathy, courtesy and listening to our customers encourages open communication with people who engage with our company. We are always flexible and responsive to feedback that we receive from a guest-whether it's positive or negative-we learn from it and implement changes if necessary.

Lessons Hydra Has Learned About the Kicking Horse River

The Kicking Horse River is one of the most exciting rivers to raft in western Canada. We have definitely learned that the conditions on the river change from week-to-week and even daily on the river. We are well aware of the categories of rapids and the tendencies of the currents in the lower, middle and upper canyons and which areas are safe for the experience level of a rafting group.

Lessons We Have Learned About Staffing

Hydra River Guides has learned that finding the right employees for our business is important to upholding our reputation with customers. When we hire, we ensure our river guides have the right attitude, experience and qualifications to work on the river. We also monitor on the job performance of our guides through customer feedback and company evaluations. We examine their attention to safety, interaction with guests and how skillfully they navigate the river. Our company also makes every effort to retain excellent employees.

Lessons We Have Learned About Guest Experience

The most important part of a tourism business such as Hydra River Guides is to provide vacations that get people excited to leave home for their trip. It starts with ensuring they have a great time. To accomplish this a customer needs to be matched to the right rafting trip and activities. They should be given all the information they need to be prepared for their rafting trip and be able to anticipate what will happen. We also know that people have a more enjoyable time when our guides attempt to develop a rapport with our guests and are attentive to their needs-that's why we provide lunch to hungry rafters after they disembark at our river base..

Lessons We Have Learned about the Communities of Banff and Golden:

Banff and Golden are beautiful resort towns that offer a lot of opportunities and some challenges to go along with the uniqueness and beauty of these places. In mountain communities, the job opportunities are seasonal and it requires some careful planning in collaboration with our employees to balance their schedule. There are amazing activities no matter the time of year and the businesses offering these experiences are run by people with amazing perseverance and determination! Hydra knows that we have made it this far because of the relationships we build with other tourism businesses in the area.


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