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Adrenaline Junkie


Operation Times

  • Rafting trips begin at 9:15am or 1pm
  • Skydiving tours operate from 9am
    till dusk
  • The tours can be taken on separate days if desired

We wanted to combine two incredible adrenaline sports into one exceptional package, giving two unique thrills at an unbeatable price! How often can you ride rapids and jump out of a plane in one trip? Our Adrenaline Junkie package is an amazingly fun way to do two top summer extreme sports.

Picture the rush of Rocky Mountain whitewater with your friends, followed by relaxing afterword with a BBQ lunch and stories; then imagine catching your breath only to lose it soaring thousands of feet as you tandem skydive through the clouds. Whether you are an experienced thrill seeker or looking for a new rush, this package is exciting for beginner and advanced rafters and jumpers alike!

This is one of our most popular trips because of the diverse activities, great price and direction by qualified guides. The tours include safety training, gear and instructors to offer a safe and exciting adventure. Both tours operate out of Golden BC, where you will experience our popular Kicking Horse Classic rafting trip along with a 10,000 foot jump over the Rocky Mountains.

Extreme by Water


Extreme by Air

Beginning with a calm introduction and lesson, riders ease into the rapids before plunging into the exciting white water of the Kicking Horse Canyon. You’ll experience a 20km ride through narrow stretches and splashing class 4 rapids, ending with a fantastic BBQ lunch and don’t forget about the great photos!

You only need your swimsuit and a towel, as all other gear is provided at the Golden BC start point. This is the perfect trip for new or experienced whitewater rafters, providing the best in exhilarating rides alongside world class mountain scenery - a truly unforgettable journey.

Where else can you skydive?

Golden BC is one of the only places in the Rocky Mountains you can skydive, so if you’re looking for an exceptional view, even from miles above it, this is the place to do it. As part of an great package, the Adrenaline Junkie trip is a chance to do two things you may have never done before!

We have extremely qualified instructors and tandem jumpers to take beginner and advanced skydivers through the process. Safety is the top concern, and we prepare every jumper thoroughly for the thrill of a lifetime!