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Paddle & Paw


What is in the package?

  • Start the day with lessons and equipment fittings for your river rafting
  • Go through the impressive Kicking Horse Classic segment of the river
  • Enjoy a BBQ lunch right at the raft site
  • Take in the Grizzly Bear Refuge Tour and see the amazing wildlife
  • Ride the Kicking Horse Mountain Sightseeing Gondola to see the
    mountains from high above

We wanted to build a package that had the excitement of Kicking Horse Rafting, but also offered a glimpse into the incredible natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

The Paddle and Paw package is designed to thrill you and take you through the Grizzly Bear Refuge to take a closer look at the awe inspiring animals of the Rockies. This lets tourists and residents alike experience the adventure of whitewater rapids and learn more about a special creature that Canada takes great pride in.

Whitewater Excitement


Boo the Orphaned Grizzly

We pair tours with our Kicking Horse Classic trip because of how diverse the adventure is, making it approachable, enjoyable and affordable for many types of tourists. It is one of our most popular trips that takes you through intense sections of rapids followed by brief breaks in the action to let you catch your breath.

Our guides help make the most fun and exciting whitewater trips by taking you through the best parts of the river in a safe manor.

The Kicking Horse Classic is a fantastic ride for beginner and experienced rafters, and an amazing trip for stags, parties and corporate retreats.

This the world’s largest enclosed Grizzly Bear park, protecting these creatures in an impressive habitat that will let you get a close glimpse at how they live. There is a chairlift ride, interpretive center and experts on hand to help answer any questions you may have. For anyone interested in learning about this incredible animal or the things Canada is doing to protect our natural environment, this is a trip that will definitely entertain you.