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Unique Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties - Stag & Stagette Rafting Packages


Plan a phenomenal, unique Stag Party and try something totally different!

Rafting Stags and Stagettes in Banff Alberta

Every person wants to have an incomparable stag or stagette. It's meant to be a celebration of a major milestone and change in your life. Believe it or not, many people don't want to spend their farewell to the single life at a bar or club, and some traditional bachelor night activities can actually make some brides and grooms-to-be very uncomfortable. Hydra River Guides wants to propose an alternative: whitewater rafting on the Kicking Horse River. Here's why you'll love this adventure for your stag or stagette.

A Rafting Trip is Memorable

As people get older, they become extremely busy. Life throws responsibilities at you and it becomes really hard to see your friends as much as you would want. On a rafting trip, you are out in the middle of nature, with no distractions and it provides the perfect opportunity for you to bond. You can build trust and reconnect with your closest friends and family members. You'll also see some of the most beautiful scenery in Canada, probably the world, while you're traveling down the river. This trip will create a special memory with the people in your wedding party, that everyone will cherish for years to come.

Your Rafting Trip will be Enjoyable

If you want to see your wedding party smiling, laughing and having the time of their lives during your stag or stagette, rafting will do just that! Everyone will have a blast on your rafting trip, barreling down the river. By the end of the trip your group will be exhilarated and in a great mood. Hydra can even arrange for your party to have a riverside barbeque with drinks after your trip at our private river base. Keep in mind, you're also close enough to Golden or Banff to enjoy the nightlife there after your day on the river.

The Rafting Trip is Affordable

An affordable whitewater rafting experience is Hydra's wedding gift to you. The bride or groom can go free of charge when you book a group of 8 or more people. Everyone in your group can chip in on the price of the trip to make the cost reasonable. You could even consider having a "buck and doe" party, this is when the bride and groom host all of their friends together, instead of on separate excursions. If you book a group of 16 or more people, the fees for both the bride and groom are waived.

Customer Testimonials

“I decided to go rafting for my stag because a few of my friends had been rafting before and said it was a great experience. We had an awesome time on our trip, and everyone that hit the rapids with me had fun and talks about it all the time. We want to go back and do it again sometime.” -Derek (Groom that joined us on a stag rafting trip in June, 2015.)

< “I organized a rafting trip because this was an activity that my fiancé and I had never been before, but we had heard about the experiences that other people have had with Hydra River Guides. The instructors were really fun and it was entertaining watching new people raft for the first time. I even went into the water during the last stretch of our trip! At our wedding, photos of the trip came up on the slideshow and everyone was excited to share their experience and recommended it to other guests at the wedding.” -Jon (Groom that rafted with Hydra for a joint stag/stagette in May, 2015)

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Rafting has become tremendously popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties, with both groups looking for unique outdoor activities. No experience and no equipment required, we have everything you need to get started, making rafting approachable for anyone. Our fun guides build memorable experiences, and a little thrill goes a long ways to getting the party started.


The bride and groom raft ride for free! Everyone else gets a party discount, making this is a tremendous way to get in some fun on a budget; building some remarkable stories and saving a little money for the night out!

Banff stags and stagettes

Places to Party Nearby



Our Kicking Horse stag and stagette rafting packages include a VIP pass to various nightclubs in Banff. These mountain hangouts are extremely popular tourist attractions, so a no line, no cover pass goes a long way to a smooth night on the town. Some conditions apply, so get in touch with someone from our team who can walk you through the packages.

Banff Nightlife

Hydra River Guides has a special arrangement with the Aurora nightclub and Hoodoo's in Banff to extend your bachelor or bachelorette party well into the night. With live DJ’s, regular special events and one of the best party sound systems in the mountains, these are a terrific place to let loose. This is a must see spot for groups looking for one of the most popular party place in the Rockies!


Golden Nightlife

With several exquisite pubs and restaurants, Golden offers a very chill atmosphere for groups looking to finish their day with a few drinks. Live music, great dining and patio seating are all options you can take advantage of in the town of Golden.

Safe, Fun Rocky Mountain Stags and Stagettes

Safety Precautions



Everyone wants to have a good time, so we offer exciting rafting packages that are guided by experienced professionals. With rafting training and supervision, you can feel safe and comfortable, even while splashing through intense Rocky Mountain rapids of the Kicking Horse River.

These trips are designed to support beginners and individuals with no experience; with training, guides and equipment, we make sure everyone has a good time and a safe time.

Easy Online Booking

If you are looking for and extraordinary, exciting activity for your stag or stagette call Hydra River Guides at 1 (800) 644-8888. You can also drop us a line by e-mail at, and we will answer all of your questions about celebrating one of the most exciting occasions of your life with us.